Turbo Charge your smartcards

Upload Courses Transfer Courses onto smartcards in seconds, even without the card in front of you.
Protect your business against fake cards Read smartcards electronically across your whole workforce using the Go Smart PC and mobile app
Works with any SKILLcard or CSCS smartcard Over 2.5 million CSCS cards and 55 thousand SKILLcards are now smart

CSCS is the government-endorsed gold standard for skills cards.

What does SkillSight do?

SkillSight transforms your smartcards into a powerful business tool by allowing you to add Courses or other information to the cards that would not otherwise be possible.

All this important information can then be edited online and kept up-to-date (without the card being present) either by you or by someone you nominate within your company.

SkillSight enables you to turn your smartcards into fully accessible Skills Passports.

Who's it for?

Essentially, SkillSight is for any individual who has a CSCS or SKILLcard smartcard and any organisation that is looking to harness the true potential of these cards across their business - SkillSight puts you in control of your cards.

For large companies, SkillSight provides supply chain visibility that is crucial when managing the courses of the mobile workforce. By checking the smartcards electronically, via Go Smart, authority to work can be assured and fake cards can be detected.

For small businesses who would not normally have the resources to support sophisticated course databases, let alone issue smartcards, SkillSight opens up a world of possibilities that are usually only available to big budget companies.

SkillSight is completely free and available 24/7. Registration is simple and only requires some basic details before you are able to unlock the true power residing in your smartcard. Register Now.


with smartcard with SkillSight enrolled smartcard
View courses on mobile devices
Core Courses
Add toolbox talks
Upload certificates
Manage & update online 24/7

SkillSight is available as a managed service.

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